Dr. Strangelove – Animated Intro

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb" by Stanley Kubrick from 1964 is one of my all-time favorite films. This animated video is conceived as an appreciation of the classic film in the form of an alternative intro. It presents the main actors in their roles and works with essential visual elements of the film to capture the look and character of the original in an atmospheric way.

The storyboard for the animated intro.

The introduction of each character forms the central theme of the intro. These scenes are connected by key images and elements of the film, for example the bomb, the B-52, the map of the Soviet Union, Ripper's cigar, and the table in the War Room. The latter is an example of the use of circles, which are frequently used as a basic shape as well as in the form of circular movements throughout the video. The style of the intro is thus based on the concepts of production designer Ken Adam. The circle is a recurring element, in the film as well as in the animation, which begins and ends with it, thus creating a closed form.

The intro contains no visible cut. Individual frames as well as posters from the film served as references for the creation of the illustrations, and the black-and-white look of the original was supplemented with the colors of the American flag. Together with the score, an attempt is made to create a kind of patriotic fanaticism that is both captivating and terrifying – a balancing act that also succeeds in the film: the viewer laughs while the world ends in front of his eyes.

Lastly, various effects provide an authentic portrayal of the classic film and at the same time make it appear in a modern light. "Dr. Strangelove – Animated Intro" was created in my 5th semester of media informatics studies as a submission for the post-production subject at the Harz University of Applied Sciences.